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Boudoir Noir - Wild Valentine

Boudoir Noir - Wild Valentine

A mischievous track combining real and electronic instruments, Boudoir Noir releases the second single, “Wild Valentine”, off their upcoming EP, Endless Dawn, due out June 3. Rich soundscapes and Eastern influences slither around like a snake being charmed by a hypnotic rhythm.

The tabla drum from India beats, an electronic hip hop mix, and a bass line recorded in Northern Michigan, create a bridge between East and West. The band worked with producer Tunde Olaniran (Jr. Jr., Flint Eastwood) who helped highlight the most important elements of the song. Deeply passionate, “Wild Valentine,” is a song about awakening an inner desire shrouded from societal norm. Lyrics like “Slither up my spine, start a fire when we let go” embrace an inner sexual energy to be set free.

Boudoir Noir, formerly known as Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks, is from Flint, Michigan. They have opened up for ZZ Ward and Daphne Willis, as well as played with producer/performer Tunde
Olaniran (Jr. Jr., Flint Eastwood), who helped produce some of their upcoming debut EP, Endless Dawn. The band has been featured on Ann Delisi’s Essential Music 101.9 WDET, and had their music featured on the History Channel’s show American Restoration. All three members of Boudoir Noir have studied music formally. Maria Fournier (Berklee College of Music), Graham Rockwood (Eastern Michigan), and Beni Schlatter (U of M - Flint) combine an array of styles ranging from electronic to hip-hop to create a dark cabaret pop sound.
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